Renata Kabas-Komorniczak

Tax adviser (Poland)
Branch manager
Phone: +48 22 696 28 00

dr Monika Behrens

Attorney at law (Poland)
Associate Partner
Phone: +48 22 244 00 26

Tax advisers apply an interesting and pragmatic approach to analysing various areas of business operations and point out how to reduce the tax burden in a given area. ›››

As part of our tax and legal services we advise clients on legal and economic reorganisation of their businesses, including mergers, demergers and acquisitions.  

Each decision on legal matters, such as establishing a company, entails tax consequences which vary according to that company’s legal form. Therefore, we think we have chosen the right strategy since we have decided to provide comprehensive legal and tax advisory services. Our teams of tax advisers and lawyers offer services on a one-stop-shop basis. This makes it easier to work out coherent solutions which go beyond the narrowly understood tax or legal assistance.