dr Monika Behrens

Attorney at law (Poland)
Associate Partner
Phone: +48 22 244 00 26

When deciding on a company acquisition, many international businesses, private equity investors in particular, need to look at the speed and efficiency of the process first.

How, for instance, can you gain a reasonable understanding of the actual, as well as financial, employment, accounting and tax situation of a target company or group with subsidiaries in twenty-five countries? In a matter of days? Without unduly delaying the decision-making process?

Rödl & Partner offers assistance with worldwide due diligence investigations based on our particular, unique approach to inter-disciplinary, global project management.

  • definition and worldwide enforcement of analytical processes and areas for in-depth review,
  • top-level staffing of data rooms with experienced professionals, to immediately identify deal-relevant risks,
  • clear definition of areas for analysis by professional service line, avoiding multiple review of issues,
  • integrated reporting across professional service lines in a format agreed with you,
  • concise reporting focusing on substantial risks with practical recommendations on how to address them pre- or post-acquisition.

We offer our Due Diligence services in the following areas: