Michał Gosek

Tax adviser (Poland)
Associate Partner
Phone: +48 61 624 49 39

Our specialists have been supporting clients, both new and already operating in Special Economic Zones, for many years now.

  • advising on selection of an optimum location for a given project, taking into account the nature of your business,
  • contacting the SEZ management and assisting in negotiations over terms and conditions of the operating permit,
  • support in extension of SEZ for investments planned by clients,
  • analysing legal and tax issues connected with operation in SEZ areas,
  • drafting and filing enquiries with relevant public authorities.

Our experts conduct training on this subject in all parts of Poland. In this way we have also an opportunity to learn about experiences of entrepreneurs doing business in various SEZ, and regularly analyse the difficulties encountered by them to arrive at possible solutions.

Our tax advisers who deal with, among others, issues on tax settlements in Special Economic Zones in Poland, have initiated publication of a newsletter titled "SSE-News", which provides up-to-date information on legal and institutional changes concerning SEZs. Based on an on-going analysis of regulations and planned amendments, we are able to inform our clients in advance of new opportunities or threats. Such information is dispatched to all the interested in the form of a newsletter. The publication also presents the latest interpretations concerning SEZs and provides for practical tips as regards settlements with Tax Offices.

 If you are interested to have such newsletters e-mailed, please confirm it by following form