Liliane Preusser

Branch manager
Phone: +48 32 330 12 00

Renata Kabas-Komorniczak

Tax adviser (Poland)
Branch manager
Phone: +48 22 696 28 00

Danuta Wojciechowska

Assistent Implementierung ERP
Phone: +48 32 330 12 16

Implementation of the accounting system in a newly-formed company on the basis of Microsoft Dynamics AX (MD) is achieved

  • in full cooperation between Rödl & Partner and the client’s company,
  • with Rödl & Partner advisory services,
  • taking into account all expectations of the client as regards the system structure,
  • with training in handling all functionalities of MD.

The procedure

1. A contract for lease of Microsoft Dynamics AX (MD) is concluded between the client and Rödl & Partner (RO)
2. RO prepares the technical environment required to work with MD
3. RO, in consultation with the client, prepares an accounting model in MD to account for the company’s assumptions as regards the accounting policy, arrangements with suppliers/customers, charts of accounts, reporting and other expectations of the management board
4. RO conducts training for the accountants (in operating MD) and for members of the management (management accounting, reporting)
The accounting department starts working