Renata Kabas-Komorniczak

Tax adviser (Poland)
Branch manager
Phone: +48 22 696 28 00

Simplifying Complexity is a service arising from the collaboration between Knight Frank and Rödl & Partner – a comprehensive product which integrates asset management with financial accounting, legal and tax advice.

Polish teams of international companies of Knight Frank and Rödl & Partner have joined forces to create Simplifying Complexity, a unique service in that market dedicated to owners of single commercial properties and commercial property portfolios.

Simplifying Complexity is a service package which integrates asset management with accounting, legal and tax advisory services. Knight Frank and Rödl & Partner offer tailored assistance in managing companies and all aspects of their operations in Poland on behalf of the client. The solution encompasses a package of services necessary to manage commercial assets in Poland and thus it considerably simplifies those typically complex processes. A team of experts and advisers from different disciplines is put together for each project to ensure a comprehensive approach to challenges of the real property market. This dedicated team is led by an Asset Manager who is the first line of contact for the client.

Simplifying Complexity pays off because:

  • You will receive a unique and wide range of services in one location – real estate market research, advice for developers, financial and investment advice, tax advice, legal advice, HR & payroll, financial accounting, agency in renting commercial space, valuation of real estate properties, management of commercial real estate properties. 
  • You will have one dedicated contact person despite the range of services being unique and wide. 
  • We have many locations in Poland and Germany as well as in many other economic centres worldwide – therefore, we are able to coordinate our clients' international businesses. 
  • Our advice and assistance is available, regardless of the location, in German, English or in selected local languages.  
  • You can be sure that the two international firms you have entrusted your business to adhere to high standards and engage top-quality professionals. 

Services available under the Simplifying Complexity package include, among other things:

Asset management: 

  • corporate governance and SPV management;
  • advice on value growth and the best use of real properties;
  • restructuring and repositioning of real properties;
  • optimisation of operating revenues and expenses related to real properties;
  • search for opportunities for additional return on real properties;
  • restructuring/re-negotiating lease agreements;
  • advice on expansion and modernisation of structures and development of undeveloped real properties;
  • coordination of real property asset management services; 
  • restructuring loan agreements;
  • investment advice;
  • regular valuation of portfolio.


  • standard accounting; 
  • comprehensive financial accounting with Microsoft Dynamix AX and SAP;
  • reporting adapted to the real property;
  • assistance in obtaining all kinds of certificates from tax authorities;
  • full reporting in line with the reporting standards IAS/IFRS, US-GAAP, German HGB, PL-GAAP;
  • preparation of annual financial statements (also in German and English);
  • assistance during financial statements audits.

Legal and tax advice: 

  • assistance in starting and doing business in Poland;
  • forms of financing business activities in Poland;
  • day-to-day legal services;
  • corporate law, commercial law and legal representation; 
  • legal, tax and financial due diligence of real properties;
  • bank loan security assets;
  • risk management in cross-border transactions, administrative permits and approvals for real property administrators;
  • advice on mergers and acquisitions;
  • real property tax.