Liliane Preusser

Branch manager
Phone: +48 32 330 12 00

Renata Kabas-Komorniczak

Tax adviser (Poland)
Branch manager
Phone: +48 22 696 28 00

Confidentiality is an unquestionable advantage of the payroll outsourcing. All companies, small and large, should take care to keep the information on remuneration in secret. The best way to ensure the protection of confidential information can be to contract an external company to keep the payroll accounting books. Our services in this area include:

  • calculating remuneration of employees working under contracts of employment as well as civil law contracts (contracts of mandate, contracts to perform a specified task, managerial contracts),
  • preparing monthly information for employees on components of their remuneration and contributions paid to the Social Insurance Institution (Polish: ZUS),
  • processing bank transfers from a separate bank account maintained for a client or directly from the client's bank account (at the client's request),
  • preparing full documentation of the mandatory social and health insurance and submitting it to ZUS,
  • preparing annual tax information and declarations concerning personal income tax,
  • statutory reporting and preparing reports according to the client’s request, in the Polish, German, English language,
  • handling personnel matters (among others, preparing employment contracts, civil law contracts, terminations of employment contracts; preparing employment records (work certificates), keeping personal files and holiday records, issuing employment and remuneration certificates, monitoring the validity of medical examinations),
  • regular advisory on remuneration and personal issues.