Konrad Ziółkowski

Key Account Manager
Phone: +48 660 746 312

Cybersecurity, GDPR, Blockchain

In recent years, the areas of law and technology have become closely intertwined and, in some cases, even inextricably correlated. For example, it is impossible to separate those two worlds when thinking about the GDPR.  Specialists with expertise in both law and technology are still a rare breed on the Polish market. Therefore, to meet the needs of the clients, Rödl & Partner has extended the range of its services to include cybersecurity and blockchain technologyBlockchain in business.

  • audits and legal and technological consulting,
  • verification of the IT security, all physical forms of security (buildings, offices, server rooms)
  • compliance with the applicable regulations

These are the services offered by our New Technologies & Cybersecurity Team. One team, one agreement, one billing ensures smooth handling of every project and the easiest form of collaboration.

Blockchain is currently one of the fastest growing technologies. Its potential is increasingly attracting companies from various sectors all over the world. Our experts will help you understand basic issues as well as more complex problems relating to this currently safest technology. We can also support the professional development of those who already have experience in working with blockchain technology.

Check our offering for new technologies and blockchain technology services. Our New Technologies & Cybersecurity Team experts will be happy to answer all your questions.