Konrad Ziółkowski

Key Account Manager
Phone: +48 660 746 312

No matter how many tests or audits a company carries out and how much money it spends on most advanced security measures, it will never be able to deter hackers if it does not minimise human errors. People are always the weakest link. Therefore, highly aware staff is a powerful factor preventing data theft attempts or data leaks.
The scope of an IT security training programme must be adapted to the client’s needs and requirements. All staff must perform their tasks in a safe way. This applies in equal measure to employees without any cybersecurity knowledge, IT specialists checking the existing procedures every day, or development teams creating innovative solutions.

  During such training sessions, we teach practical knowledge about current threats to help participants recognise and eliminate them as far as possible. By combining our technological and legal expertise we offer a bespoke approach and tailor the training programme to your specific needs.