Konrad Ziółkowski

Key Account Manager
Phone: +48 660 746 312

Sociotechnical tests are designed to check how employees can resist manipulation, how well they know the applicable rules and procedures and how they respond to non-standard situations. Thanks to their broad knowledge and experience in handling cybersecurity issues our IT security and new technologies experts can effectively simulate ‘real-world’ cyber attacks on your staff. Sociotechnical tests also demonstrate how effectively your employees have been trained to identify and resist cyber threats and attacks.

Sociotechnical test planning takes into account a broad array of aspects and scenarios so before starting it we conduct interviews and a preliminary analysis of your corporate structure. The most common test is a simulated phishing test where a testing team is trying to phish data by impersonating another person or an institution.

Sociotechnical testing is the best way to make your staff are aware of threats they are exposed to every day, both in and outside work. The tests can be followed by a dedicated training session recapitulating the test results.