Zofia Kurek

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Recruitment for clients

We have been supporting our clients in recruiting employees for many years now and we are ready to carry out any project in line with your particular needs. The recruitment process starts with the development of a candidate profile. Then we prepare and publish job advertisements, and, finally, we conduct the entire recruitment process, which ends with the presentation of 3-4 candidates for a given post.

We specialise in the acquisition of general and finance management staff, including finance and managing directors, chief accountants, accountants and financial controllers. In addition, we can recruit specialists in other disciplines, such as IT, logistics, technical and sales consulting.

We have succeeded many times in helping our clients find highly-qualified office staff for secretary and assistance positions, as well as German and English translators and interpreters.

From other recruitment agencies we distinguish ourselves in that all candidates for positions in accountancy and finance must take an obligatory written test in accounting, taxes and general knowledge of financial issues. In addition, at the client’s request, the candidates may be subject to an oral test conducted by our specialists - certified auditors, experienced accountants and tax advisers.

The language skills are tested in the case of all candidates, irrespective of the position they apply for.

As certified consultants of SLG Thomas International, we can optionally conduct analyses of candidates’ personal profile, thus diagnosing their abilities in a professional environment.

All these tests enable us to thoroughly investigate the potential of the candidates and to present you with the best ones.  

After finishing the recruitment process, we can prepare for you a bilingual contract of employment.