Ewa Zawadzka

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The specialist knowledge of our auditors, lawyers and accountants is the main capital of Rödl & Partner. It is also the foundation of our business success as well as the basis of the company´s worldwide expansion. Our aim is provide clients with “one-stop-shop” business solutions and for this purpose we render, in addition to auditing, accounting, tax and legal services, translation services too.

Why request your translations from Rödl & Partner?

The advantage of Rödl & Partner compared to traditional translation bureaus is our own team of translators, who perform translations in the fields of finance, business and legal matters every day. Thus, our translators are adept in the specific vocabulary associated with these fields at the highest level. Should text ambiguities or queries arise the translators can promptly consult with professionals in these fields, drawing on the experience of our auditors, accountants and lawyers.

The large network of Rödl & Partner offices and the translation department in Central and Eastern Europe which already employs 30 translators enable us to render translation services in various languages. In Poland source languages are Polish, German and English. If you need translations into / from other Eastern European languages (e.g. Russian, Ukrainian, Belorussian, Estonian Latvian or Lithuanian), we can bring into play Rödl & Partner employees in the respective countries.

All translations are proofread by a native speaker which ensures that we are able to produce professional translations of the highest quality.

On request we can also provide proofreading services for your existing translated texts.

You are welcome to send us a price inquiry for your translations!