Therese Baginski

Statutory auditor (Poland)
Branch manager
Phone: +48 71 606 00 00

Rödl & Partner is one of the first Germany-based consulting companies active on the Polish market. We started our business in Poland in 1992 as a well-qualified adviser on audit, finance and accounting outsourcing, tax and legal matters, as well as personal and IT consulting. We are present in 6 cities of Poland: Gdansk, Gliwice, Cracow, Poznan, Warsaw and Wroclaw.

We provide all our services under one brand – Rödl & Partner – which is for our clients a clear indication of uniform quality of all services. Our activities in Poland are guided with the principle of “German quality in consulting”, and our distinctive feature is highly-qualified specialists with excellent knowledge of the German language. The highest quality of the services provided by us is best substantiated with “Medal Europejski dla Usług” (European Medal for Services), which has been awarded to our firm many times.


Our job offers are addressed to students of the last year of bachelor or master degree programmes or to recent graduates. All candidates are expected to have a very good command of German and/or English. In addition, we look at the following competences: ability to work in a team, information analysis and synthesis skills, willingness to develop knowledge, and commitment.

Due to the line of our business, economics and law studies prepare best to work at our firm. If you are interested in working with Rödl & Partner, please fill out the application form.


You can join our team also as a well-qualified specialist. Rödl & Partner employs experts in law, taxes, audit and accounting. Working at our firm gives access to state-of-the-art technologies and solutions. Working with us you will be able to use the know-how of an international company, have access to global knowledge resources, and the opportunity to work in experienced teams of attorneys at law, legal advisers, certified auditors, tax advisers and accountants.

Recruitment process

Our recruitment process consists of the following stages:

application screening – at this stage we analyse all the CVs we have received. You can submit your CV in the Polish or German language.

The second stage is a test of knowledge of accounting, law and tax matters, as well as an English or German language test.

job interview – conducted by an HR specialist or the leader of the team you apply to. We want to know as much as possible about you. We want to learn about you character, interests and skills.

Assessment Centre (AC) – in the case of some positions we organise a full day exercise session aimed at showing how candidates work in a team, how they communicate and set priorities. Information that an AC session will be conducted is always given during a job interview. Our recruitment process has been developed to ensure that the successful candidates join us for several years and develop their career within our structures.

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