Therese Baginski

Statutory auditor (Poland)
Branch manager
Phone: +48 71 606 00 00

The history of Rödl & Partner dates back to 1977 when it started in Nuremberg. Today, we are present in all major business centres around the world. We provide professional services in the area of audit, consulting, finance and payroll accounting, law and taxes, as well as HR consulting. We owe our dynamic growth to over 4700 employees oriented towards the needs of enterprises. They are the ones who, in close consultation with the clients, prepare information underlying all key decisions – often on international scale – which are then implemented with joint efforts.

Over 25 years in Poland

Rödl & Partner has been present in Poland ever since 1992. Thanks to over 25 years of advisory experience we know the specific requirements and opportunities of the local market inside out. During this time, we have built our vast experience and earned the opinion of the leading adviser on foreign investments. Thanks to our dynamic development we are an alternative to the Anglo-Saxon consulting companies of the so-called Big Four.

Responsible internally

We believe in measuring our success by the success of our clients. We can reach it only with the well-qualified team of experts and professionals. That is why we always take care of their development using the German standards. All our employees have access to unique training and courses held at our head office. Of course, various opportunities of professional development are available locally as well. That is why by providing flexible working time, generous fringe benefits, favourable conditions of return to work after long absence, we promote harmony between work and private life. This is a fundamental element of our organisational philosophy. Our success in this area finds its confirmation in recognition as "An extraordinarily mother-friendly company" or the second place in the contest called "Good Employer Practices" organised as part of the "Full-time Dad. I like it!" campaign.

Who are we looking for?


If you are a student of the 3rd, 4th, or 5th year of economics or law studies, we offer you an internship at our firm. Here, working in a team of attorneys at law, certified auditors, tax advisers, accountants and legal advisers, you will have an opportunity to supplement your knowledge with hands-on experience.
The main assumption behind an internship at Rödl & Partner is involvement in assignments performed for our clients. The tasks you will be assigned will give you a chance to demonstrate your commitment, creativity and knowledge, and an opportunity to practice time management and co-operation within a team.
Internship at Rödl & Partner provides a unique occasion to learn the special nature of working for an international consulting company. This is an excellent way to start your career, and the best interns get a chance of further development with Rödl & Partner.


We are also looking for students of the last year of bachelor or master degree programmes or recent graduates. All candidates are expected to have a very good command of German and/or English. Moreover, we appreciate skills such as ability to work in a team, ability to analyse and summarise information, willingness to extend knowledge, and commitment. Given our line of business, the ideal candidates would have background in law and economics.


You can join our team also as a well-qualified specialist. Rödl & Partner employs experts in law, taxes, audit and accounting. Working with us you will be able to use the know-how of an international company, have access to global knowledge resources, and receive the opportunity to work in experienced teams of attorneys at law, legal advisers, certified auditors, tax advisers and accountants.