Therese Baginski

Statutory auditor (Poland)
Branch manager
Phone: +48 71 606 00 00

Equal opportunity in employment

One of the fundamental principles of our company is providing equal opportunity employment to all employees, regardless of age, sex, origin, citizenship, religion. One of the most important areas is gender equality. Rödl & Partner provides all its employees – women and men – with equal opportunity of professional development, including promotion and remuneration. We believe that the equal opportunity approach stimulates professional development of every  employee. Working in a diversified environment where everyone has equal chances and works according to the same rules stimulates effectiveness, creativity and encourages to work with others. 

Role of women in Rödl & Partner

At Rödl & Partner we fully realise how important women in business are. We encourage to work for our company, at the same time providing women with solutions which help them reconcile professional life with their demanding roles in private life. At Rödl & Partner we know that harmonising one’s professional career with family life is difficult. Especially, when a baby is expected, a family has small kids, or an employee takes care of a sick person. Wówczas, aby poprowadzić karierę zawodową w pożądanym kierunku, nie wystarczy ją tylko zaplanować. What is in fact needed is an own initiative and a company which can flexibly respond to the employee's changing life situation, as well as an opportunity to continue the career throughout all periods of life.

The right to work in harmony with family life is an inextricable part of our company’s philosophy. Women who return to work at our office after a maternity or parental leave are allowed to work part time or can perform some of their duties from home. Flexibility of working hours is one of our principles (e.g. one can start working later in a day to be able to take a child to a kindergarten), and so is flexible work arrangement such as telecommuting - following the supervisor’s approval an employee may work from home so that she or he can take care of a child or another family member; in such cases we provide employees with the necessary IT infrastructure.

Our efforts have been appreciated by our female employees. In December 2007 we were awarded a title of a “Company extraordinarily-friendly to mothers”.


At Rödl & Partner we know how important it is to balance professional career with private life. It is equally important to stay in a good shape, especially in a period of intense work. Our employees have access to a sports and recreation programme in the form of a membership card providing access to sports and recreation centres.

In addition, Rödl & Partner has an own football team. It participates in the Let’s Go legal and finance league.In the 2009 autumn season our team ranked number one.