As an international professional services firm, we feel great responsibility resting upon us as accountants, auditors, lawyers, management and tax consultants, as well as actors within our society. Living up to this responsibility, we actively support one-off and long-term aid projects of national and international nature.


Our employees - key component of CSR programs

The corporate social responsibility programs are part of company's basic business principle, therefore we are constantly seeking to have a  contribution in addressing pressing social problems in each country where we have located our offices. Rödl & Partner strongly believes in the idea of ​​rewarding the company for its success. We think that it is our duty to share growth and prosperity through actions in the benefit of the community as a whole. Perhaps more valuable than money is that we encourage our employees to be an example and make time to help other people.


Our worldwide branches have decided to get involved in fundraising activities for charity projects. Most of them are local initiatives of our employees, undertaken in order to help their communities. Most offices have chosen to support charity programs for children and elderly.


Moreover, we believe it is more effective to target aid directly to those who need it. We don’t want to write a check as anonymous donors. Instead, we try to offer support through our own personal involvement. We want our effort to be constant, not a one-time one. We consider that in order to have a practical benefit, our actions should not be superficial. Therefore, we get strongly involved in such social activities, exercising, also, a certain level of control as a guarantee that we have reached our goals.


Programs held at group level

One of the most important projects sponsored by Rödl & Partner is Kharkiv in Ukraine. Kharkiv is a twin city of Nuremberg. Rödl & Partner supports the Nuremberg Kharkiv Foundation, providing resources and guidance. Through the Foundation, the company has contributed to the Nuremberg House in Kharkiv. Among other things, it provides support for children with tuberculosis, for a hospital and a kitchen where food for the poor is prepared.


Another important program is Rödl & Partner Children's Fund. This global fund collects donations and money provided by the employer. This fund is derived from the sale of surplus equipment and reallocating organization’s money which was usually spent on Christmas corporate gifts. The fund supports a lot of projects for children. Currently, some of these funds are donated to an orphanage, to give children the opportunity to practice a sport, to enjoy gaming equipment and numerous other facilities.


Through the active involvement of our company, we assure that the generosity of our people has the best effect. We constantly try to inform customers and employees about the projects we support. Eventually, their determination is the most important thing that tells us if we fulfill our social  responsibilities to the communities in which we operate.