Integrity Solutions is a consulting company specialized in designing and delivering comprehensive solutions that optimize the integrity practices, limit corporate liabilities and solve ethical issues in the business environment. Starting 2017, Integrity Solutions joined the UN Global Compact Network Romania, thus promoting sustainable business principles.

Integrity Solutions uses the certification scheme ISO 37001 provided by the Professional Evaluation and Certification Body (PECB), a renowned certification body in Canada. 

ISO 37001 - Anti-bribery management systems offers for the first time a framework of rules and international laws to prevent the act of giving and taking a bribe. This standard addresses both to the private and public sector, being focused on the development of an ethical business culture.


"With significant experience, Integrity Solutions helps companies in Romania implement, audit and certify to the ISO standard. Moreover, based on our extensive training experience in business ethics, our company has the competence to certify experts on this ISO standard. Basically, we prepare auditors and compliance managers to guarantee maintenance of the management system. Such certification complements the sustainability reporting, which became mandatory this year, helping achieve the specific GRI performance indicators. As such, this standard covers all the reporting regarding anti-corruption" Radu Rauta, Integrity Solution Partner.





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