The increasing importance of information technology in the process of developing accounting reports inevitably leads to the need for our specialists to adapt to this field. Usually, auditors assess the accuracy of accounting principles in balance with the reality rendered by internal reports, tracking also the compliance with the basic rules of accounting.

Auditing IT systems is part of the wide range of services offered by our company, to our interdisciplinary and international clients.

Replacing traditional accounting software with modern ERP systems can become a challenge for any company. Although there is some internal resistance to radical change of old procedures, we believe that, without a general adaptation to new market requirements, modern systems can not be effectively implemented.

The specialized Rödl & Partner team can offer support by providing know-how in the taxation and accounting field. Subsequent to the implementation of information systems, we are committed to verify its functionality and compliance with legal requirements, to ensure the security of your internal systems.

An independent review of IT infrastructure and processes represents a major element in external audits these days. Such an examination secures the effectiveness and efficiency of your international business operations, their compliance with regulations and the reliability of the financial reporting.

You can only be truly confident in the way your organizational systems produce information if you have the technical insight of IT management and reporting process experts.

Rödl & Partner is able to offer the expertise of specialized teams, located in our regional head offices, to carry out assessments and deliver hands-on, practical advice on the ways to improve them.


Our systems process audit services often include:

  • general IT control reviews
  • applications and infrastructure security reviews
  • systems due diligence
  • implementation reviews and advice