In a global business environment where margins and, consequently, bonus payments are decreasing, key people in an organization can face motivational conflicts. Furthermore, internal control systems do not always keep up with the latest developments in international organizational structure.

This situation can lead to much higher risks of fraud from within the company. To address this risk, you need a professional service provider with a significant global experience and the technical know-how to perform quick, efficient check-ups. Rödl & Partner Romania, through its specialized team of auditors, has the necessary competence to carry out investigations in order to identify and eliminate these threats.

Our services include, amongst other, the prevention, detection, investigation and reporting of potential fraud and irregularities identified in the financial system. Moreover, we advise our clients on how to solve the noted problems. Our team evaluates all activities conducted against shareholders and all the issues that concern or relate to active embezzlement, public procurement fraud, misinterpretation of contracts and management of conflicts of interest.

Fraud investigations typically analyze these risks:

  • fraudulent financial reporting
  • misstatements arising from misappropriation of assets
  • improper or unauthorized expenditures, including bribery and other improper payment schemes
  • self-dealings including kickbacks
  • violations of laws and regulations

Our fraud investigation services typically include:

  • fraud prevention advice, risk assessments
  • creating a control and monitoring environment
  • electronic evidence discovery
  • forensic services
  • integrated discovery and dispute services through multi-disciplinary teams