In addition to the statutory and voluntary audits, our company carries out special audits, executed in accordance with the current law. Due to the high level of specialization of our team of consultants, with an extensive experience in performing verifications in this country, Rödl & Partner Romania can offer support for the following services: planning, mergers and takeovers of companies.

Through special voluntary audits, we are committed to evaluate the internal control system and the operational processes of your business in Romania. Also, we provide clients with our expert opinion on the company's profitability, the investment plan, expenditure budgets, planned income and on other specific controls.

Rödl & Partner Romania aims to provide services to the highest standards of quality, in accordance with the requirements and directions of your company and by selecting the most competent specialists. Our team is closely working with our tax and legal experts, in order to successfully meet all our client’s expectations.