Internal audit is a key control element in an organization, an important instrument that can help you evaluate the effectiveness of the existing management system, in order to constantly improve its performance. The results obtained after performing the internal audit can provide important information on your company's management performance and quality system. This information can also help in identifying which objectives could be or have been successfully completed.

The simple implementation of a quality management system within an organization is not enough. The quality management system is a complex collection of processes which must be effectively applied in order to generate a continuous and long-term effect. To benefit of the guarantee of this instrument, it is necessary to submit the chosen management system to regular assessments, as a type of control that can be operationalized through internal audit.

More specifically, internal audit can offer support and opportunity for continuous improvement of the quality management system in your company. The purpose of internal audit is to investigate internal procedures and to identify potential weaknesses of the system. By taking into consideration the goals of these activities and the final results, our clients can check whether the business processes are structured in a suitable form.

Normally, the internal audit is conducted based on an annual program, drawn up by the authorized person, delegated to lead audit mission. The audit mission is announced and agreed with the management of the evaluated company.