Several years ago, IFRS, US-GAAP and HGB compliant reports were made only by a narrow circle of specialists and experts. Nowadays, the phenomenon of globalization and the international expansion of business activities require planning and conducting audits according to international standards.

Rödl & Partner rapidly acknowledged the new requirements imposed by the international market, therefore our company is fully prepared to meet these challenges.

Since 2005, quoted companies in EU are required to prepare the consolidated financial statements in accordance with the International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS). This process is also applied to the subsidiaries of these companies, which operate in Romania.

Although, usually, mid-sized companies are not publicly traded, there are many benefits that can result from the transposition of the financial statements. Therefore, many mid-sized companies have already switched to reporting according to international standards or are in the process of achieving this transposition.

Changing to international audit standards is followed by radical changes in the financial reporting system, therefore this process requires a thorough and intensive training, since the change is mainly related to specific fiscal policy applied in Romania. Our team has the needed qualifications to put at your disposal a rigorous project planning transposition, in accordance with international financial reporting standards. This is one of the key factors underlying a successful conversion, being accompanied by an optimal cost/benefit report.

Rödl & Partner company is present in Romania since 1998 and has an extensive in financial reporting for German companies in Romania.

We can render services within our offices in the country, but also in Germany, through our local colleagues. Your problems will be handled by one source, but in an individual and comprehensive manner.

Our auditors, who possess international experience, CPA qualification and who are working closely with lawyers and tax consultant teams, can successfully assist you in the implementation of financial statements in accordance with International Standards of Auditing.