The legislative and the regulatory framework, the unclear procedures, lack of transparency or consistency, all are serious barriers in obtaining external funding and support, whether we refer to the public or the private sector. The variety of administrative mechanisms requested for the application, with real chances, in the process of obtaining substantial projects, involve the necessity for a comprehensive analysis, a systematic monitoring and, of course, an extremely well trained staff.

Driven by the desire to meet your needs, we carried forward the challenges regarding the expansion of the services offered, because we understood the concerns of entrepreneurs in Romania, concerns that were mostly directed towards investment projects and initiatives that  can contribute to business development, while maintaining an effective planning of cost and human capital. In this respect, Rödl & Partner Romania, together with its partners and collaborators, knows and understands the importance of developing a program of management and consulting for European funding projects, by practicing a preferential working partnership and by offering an effective package of solutions and a variety of programs, services and technical support, specially developed for the specific needs of our customers. With extensive experience as a PMC entrepreneur, our company offers you the perfect combination between expertise, professionalism and quality, with a particular focus on the specific requirements of each client, so as to ensure that the interests and business objectives are met and completed in the most effective way