Choosing to outsource the consulting, financial and accounting services represents - to both local companies and those internationally engaged - a basic measure to increase the operational efficiency of the company. Many organizations use worldwide specialists for certain basic services, such as production and logistics. Companies learn to focus on their core business: customers, manufacturing, sales, while other business processes are outsourced to external consultants.

In the process of internationalization of an enterprise, this plays an important role for the administrative processes. Any company with a branch abroad focuses more on marketing and business strategy.

Usually, the local regulations, which the parent company is never fully aware of, must be considered. In some countries, certain legal requirements, administrative regulations and tax requirements, viewed from a distance, can seem daunting for foreign investors.

Rödl & Partner eliminates these barriers for international companies and commits to ensure the correct operation of the enterprise. In collaboration with the Outsourcing Department, the company’s work is further enhanced and simplified. Rödl & Partner’s highly qualified, responsible and proactive team is constantly prepared for your requests and challenges.

Thus, Rödl & Partner provides the following services:

  • Financial accounting records
  • Review of the accounting records
  • Balance sheet certification services
  • Payroll services
  • Personnel management services
  • Personnel recruitment program
  • Financial reporting according to international standards, i.e. IAS/IFRS, US-GAAP, HGB
  • Management information systems
  • Cash flow management
  • Transactions regarding payments (financial management)
  • Management accounting
  • Consultancy for the preparation of the accounting policies manual
  • Outsourcing internal control services
  • Business process optimization
  • Personnel supply and management services