In terms of human resources, at Rödl & Partner we focus mainly on consultancy for companies regarding the recruitment process. Within this service, we recruit personnel for all the departments of a company and for various fields, including managers, personnel for accounting, logistics, administrative and production departments.

We support the selection process from the beginning to the completion of activities – starting with defining the desired employee profile through posted notices and by searching the database of candidates, and continuing with the interviews, the aptitude and psychological  tests and finalizing by drafting employment contracts, which are made in close collaboration with our lawyers.

Within the human resources consulting services, we elaborate for our clients extensive reports on wage levels in different areas and regions. The reports are based on our available resources and local knowledge, which we continuously improve through new projects regarding recruitment management systems.

Another service that is included in our sphere of activity is the placement of the workforce, aiming to mitigate the effects of restructuring. To this end, we help the dismissed employees to re-enter into the labor market, by issuing application documents or preparing them for interviews with potential employers.

  • Recruitment for various departments
  • Preparing the labor contract and personal data sheet
  • Preparing forms of termination of the labor contract
  • Registration of the employment contract and the changes in the register of employees
  • Evidence and record of personnel files
  • Organizing and keeping archived documents

Services for expatriates:

  • registration of foreign persons to the Romanian Immigration Office;
  • registration of foreign persons to the Tax Authority
  • registration at the Social Security Offices (National Insurance Office and National House of Pensions), calculation and registration of the contribution if there is no form A1;
  • calculating and submitting monthly declarations concerning tax income due in Romania;
  • request submission to the Tax Authority, for issuing of the certificate attesting the tax paid in Romania

Other services:

  • Expert advice for clients
  • Preparing employees’ evaluation criteria, performance criteria for top management
  • Recovery from Unique Health Insurance Fund
  • 112 Declaration based on customer data

Coaching and professional counseling services

Starting June 2016, Rödl & Partner is certified to provide coaching and professional counseling through the following activities:

  • providing information regarding the labour market and the evolution of occupations;
  • evaluation and self-assessment for professional orientation;
  • supporting job-seekers to develop their personal skills and build self-confidence that will enable them to engage into right decisions regarding their own careers;
  • holding trainings in regard to the best methods, techniques and tools for job-seekers.