A key element in starting a new venture overseas is getting your first people on the ground. That means you need to pay early attention to getting them paid on time and in full. What can be a simple, straightforward process in your home country, can involve major logistics problems abroad.

Rödl & Partner supports foreign companies who want to invest in Romania and addresses this task with professionalism and seriousness, regardless of whether we provide payroll services for the first employee of the company or for many more people. Setting a proper wage for your company’s employees is an essential objective for your success and our performance.

Our payroll services typically include:

  • setting up and operating payroll
  • producing and issuing pay-sheets
  • returns and compliance reports
  • calculating and paying social security contributions and withholding tax, PAYE and other contributions at local, regional and national levels
  • capturing and reviewing travel expenses
  • calculating commission fees and other variables
  • payment processing