The need for valuation can be the product of an entrepreneurial initiative (selling or buying real estate, trading on the stock exchange), in case of a contractual obligation (compensation, increase or reduction of capital, addition or withdrawal of an associate) or of a legal obligation (agreements or conventions signed by management for stock transfer or task forces redemption).

The keystone in business valuation is a thorough and comprehensive analysis of the company, of the cost factors, trends and areas for development. Our team developed a significant database for business valuation, thus creating the foundation for developing your business in the right direction.

Our offer includes:

  1. Business evaluation – we assess your company's financial position as a neutral evaluator or expert, in accordance with Romanian and international standards
  2. Choosing the appropriate method for evaluation - compare different methods of assessment, for example, the procedure of discounted cash flow, asset value method, various approaches for implementing multipliers on the initial values, of the real and combined costs
  3. Previous results analysis -  we investigate the financial results of the company and, if necessary, we correct the wrong results from the past
  4. Business planning - analyze and evaluate the proposed strategy and planning. Our main goal is to maintain permanent profitability of your company
  5. Market research - based on this study, we elaborate the future strategy of the company
  6. Capitalized interest rate - calculate the capitalized value of the interest rate, based on the market and on the approved accounting policies