There are various reasons that may underlie the performance of a financial transaction, but regardless of this, such a process requires the adoption of further decisions that may significantly influence your business. Especially for entrepreneurial activities oriented towards external markets, it is recommended to benefit from the experience of a team of professionals, with extensive expertise in this area.

After the due diligence process, namely through a complex evaluation of the financial situation of your company, Rödl & Partner specialists analyze the opportunities and risks associated with your investment plan. Also, our team can make an assessment of the strengths and weaknesses corresponding to the investment targets, taking into account the specific legislation of the country, as well as the economic and environmental conditions. Checking the relevant information is a process run in close collaboration with your company, being made in accordance with the scope and style of your transaction.

Whether you want to sell or buy a company, or to trade shares on the stock market, the process of due diligence is required. Through the due diligence process, a thorough investigation of the company is performed, in terms of financial, legal, tax, commercial and operational aspects, in order to highlight the real situation of the company and the opportunities and risks incurred.

Rödl & Partner in Romania covers a vast experience built up in major fields, a good knowledge of local realities and an interdisciplinary collaboration of experts from all related fields: financial, tax, audit.

Rödl & Partner offers the following services:

  • Complex analysis of the economic situation of the company
  • Thorough investigation of the company, to identify valuable factors that may generate success
  • Determination of normalized operating results, normalized working capital and cash flow, investment expenses and repairs
  • Structuring the arguments for negotiating the purchase price
  • Assistance in decision-making process for optimization and determination of potential risk factors
  • Critical review of existing budget projections and identifying alternatives (scenario analysis)
  • Determining differences and proposing adjustments to financial statements, in accordance with local legislation or international standards HGB, US-GAAP, IFRS

Being part of the financial due diligence process, Rödl & Partner team will develop a consistent study to assess the target company, which can support organizational decision-making and, ultimately, lead to the successful conclusion of a transaction. Our interdisciplinary teams are carefully coordinated by a trained and experienced project manager, who is at the same time and your contact person.