Against the backdrop of global economic crisis, mergers and acquisitions recorded a good result, strengthening the confidence of foreign investors in the Romanian economy. M&A market is attractive not only to large national companies, but also to foreign ones, with an extensive interest in further taking over local actives. This dynamic can be sustained by the expected resumption of the privatization process, especially through the quotation of energy companies.

Companies’ takeovers can be an attractive option for foreign investors who prospect Romanian market or who are interested to strengthen their position around the world. In this regard, the number of acquired companies has substantially increased in recent years. In particular, transactions in real estate market have grown considerably, being reflected in an increased number of acquisitions of real estate assets from Romanian companies.

The partial or full acquisition of a Romanian company requires a complex legal, fiscal and financial analysis. Our team of specialists in mergers and acquisitions can provide qualified assistance, from preparing the documentation through due diligence process, to planning and negotiating the contract of sale.

Besides taking over companies, associations and joint ventures with Romanian partners won an important role in recent years. The reasons behind this options are numerous, but not always convincing or correct. Often cited as common reasons we can find resources or technologies, know-how and market knowledge, that presumably allow parties to use the economic opportunities in Romania in an optimal way.

However, only after a comprehensive assessment you can find out if a joint venture with a Romanian company is recommended and if it can become profitable. For example, the risk of a possible conflict of interest, which can subsequently lead to the failure of a joint venture, cannot be excluded. To keep these risks to a minimum, it is important to define long lasting and mutual interests and the rules of procedure to be taken in such situations. After setting up a joint venture in Romania, the Company Law of Romania enters into force, which is adapted to European legislation.

At Rödl & Partner, we want to help transactions become success stories for our clients. Since our firm was established, we have always believed that professional services should not be separated into neatly labeled service categories. Rather, we build inter-disciplinary, cross-border teams. Thanks to this unique tradition, clients soon realize that our professionals are used to working together on a daily basis, and are used to thinking beyond the confines of their area of technical expertise.

Rödl & Partner assists sellers and buyers in all individual stages of a transaction. Our interdisciplinary team has many years of experience in the sale or purchase of companies, setting up a joint venture, a merger and a management consulting business.

Our interdisciplinary consulting on transactions

The strength of Rödl & Partner is represented by the consulting services on mergers and acquisitions provided by multidisciplinary teams. When engaging in a consultancy process for the acquisition of an enterprise, we delegate a project team consisting of a lawyer, a tax advisor, an auditor and, if needed, a transaction consultant. A project manager coordinates the entire process, ensuring the exchange of information between all parties involved in the transaction and guarantees that the project is completed within the timeframe planned, in accordance with established quality criteria. To this effect, Rödl & Partner experts are working together in internationally experienced professional teams.