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Rödl & Partner is a multi-disciplinary audit, legal and consulting firm dedicated to one goal. We help clients grow their business internationally, increasing the value of their global organisation. We view each client, and each member of our firm, as individuals. A belief in teamwork, quality and personal service is the basis of our corporate philosophy.

The advice you need, when you want it

Founded in 1977 in southern Germany, Rödl & Partner has expanded into  107 offices in about 50 countries. Our growth has been directed by client demand, not our ambition. So we have opened offices only where we need to look after client interests. 

Rather than create an artificial network of franchises or affiliates, we chose to set up wholly-owned international subsidiaries. The reason? When we’re handling complex projects spanning dozens of countries, no other structure works as well as dealing with colleagues in the same firm.

Rödl & Partner’s business philosophy is different. We don’t believe our clients’ problems fall into separate, neatly-labelled boxes. Our one-stop concept is based on a balance of expertise across a range of core professional areas. We combine them seamlessly and work in inter-disciplinary teams. When a client brings a problem, we listen first, then put together a team that covers the relevant fields.

We share a natural empathy with entrepreneurial, often family-owned, companies. They value personal service and like to have advisors close at hand. So Rödl & Partner has a one face to the client approach. 

A project manager works directly with you, helping on all aspects of the matter in hand, and securing any further expertise the issue demands. It’s an approach we have invested in faithfully because we believe it is the best way to support international businesses.

Many of our advisors are leading figures in their field. When we open a new office, we bring in local expertise as soon we can. Experience tells us we have as much to learn about local business customs as we can teach, and it helps us to integrate more quickly into the community. 

As one of the few truly integrated global firms, we continue to grow our presence in all major destinations for foreign investment around the world. 

In the way we organise ourselves, as well as how we deal with clients, we believe that Rödl & Partner has built quality into its structure. We offer a uniformly excellent level of service wherever in the world we advise. 

Our approach may well be unique. More importantly, from a client’s point of view, it works.