JUDr. Maroš Tóth

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In an ever more challenging business environment, with international investments and transactions mounting in complexity, Rödl & Partner has succeeded in growing as a global provider of legal services.

We’ve consciously chosen to reject the usual full-service model. In just a decade, we’ve built a reputation as one of the leading boutique law firms, concentrating exclusively on foreign investments and international business transactions. With lawyers around the world working in this specialist field, Rödl & Partner has become one of the few truly integrated international law firms offering services worldwide.

We concentrate on:

  • cross-border direct investments, mergers and acquisitions, mostly by private companies and their worldwide subsidiaries
  • multinational corporate law issues, commercial agreements for foreign jurisdictions
  • global intellectual property protection
  • labour and employment law for global businesses.

Every lawyer in Rödl & Partner – whether he or she has a local or foreign passport – has a personal, lasting connection with that country, while benefiting from a legal education, and often practice, in other countries. We invest heavily in international training for our lawyers. Our investment in people – unique in the legal profession – allows them to look at every legal challenge not just with the eyes of a great lawyer, but with those of multinational organisations – our clients.