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For the time being, big multinational deals no longer dominate the headlines. Even so, many international businesses are taking advantage of the current environment. They are strengthening their market position by buying competitors, improving profitability and gaining access to new markets through the integration of distributors or local players.

Fast, effective action is key in this situation. Finding the best structure for a deal needs as careful an analysis as the risks associated with a merger or joint operation.

Rödl & Partner has built a reputation as a professional services provider with a distinctive European approach to international transactions. Many of the deals we’ve followed over the past decades have enabled mid-tier businesses to grow into multinationals in very short periods of time.

Clients have been able to rely on the experience of their Rödl partner to identify financial, operational, legal and tax risks. We develop and implement the deal structure in a hands-on, cost-effective way, which helps to limit any risks and makes sure the transaction is a success.

Rödl & Partner can help your business in cross-border acquisitions, divestments, joint ventures and strategic alliances:

  • mergers and acquisitions advisory (buy and sell)
  • accounting valuations
  • financial, tax and legal due diligence
  • post deal services
  • private equity advisory
  • privatisation advice
  • tax valuations