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Career opportunity, corporate training and initiative are only some of the key words that determine your career with Rödl & Partner. Even if you do not find an appropriate vacancy, Rödl & Partner office is always pleased to hear from you if you have a serious interest in joining us or collaborating with us; get in touch with us and submit your resume.

Are you prepared?
The best reference a recent university graduate as well as a seasoned professional can submit to Rödl & Partner is international experience (or at least a probation job or training abroad), dedication to self-development and ambition to succeed. Depending on the type of training received by you and on your personality, you can make a career with us as a professional or as a member of administrative staff. Are you prepared?



"Career Paths at Rödl & Partner: as individual as its colleagues"

Prof. Dr. Christian Rödl
Managing Partner

"Opportunities for development and training at Rödl & Partner"

Martin Wambach
Managing Partner