Alexander Jakowenko

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  • Processing of the  operations of foreign trade activities (import of goods, import of services) subject to changes in exchange rate (operating and non-operating) 
  • Processing of the operations on foreign currency loans, loan interest payments
  • Accounting and valuation of assets 
  • Calculation and payment of salary (sick leave, vacation, additional benefits), calculating personal income tax and unified social contribution
  • Income payment to the non-residents by deducting the tax on repatriation
  • Drafting of the order on the accounting policies
  • Settlement with advance holders (travel abroad and in Ukraine, spending on household needs)
  • Processing of route sheets (cars) 
  • Coordination with external supervisory bodies,  being a contact person during tax examination and audit 

 Required skills and experience

  • University degree in Economics 
  • Sound knowledge of accounting and the tax legislation of Ukraine 
  • Good knowledge of English (German)
  • Knowledge and  practical skills in program 1С 8.2 «Accounting for Ukraine”
  • A minimum of 3 years working experience in accountancy, preferably in western companies
  • Conscientiousness, integrity, desire to learn 

 We provide you with 

  • Comfortable working environment
  • Competitive salary
  • Social security benefits 

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