Klaus Kessler

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Audit at Rödl & Partner in Ukraine means auditing at international standards and more than a pure affirmation of compliance with your accounting system. Traditionally the emphasis lies on formal criterion in Ukraine. At the same time an economical perspective is essential to support the vital information from your accounting system. We see ourselves as consultants because we are interested in your commercial standing as well as the possible risks of your company's future development.

From pure auditing...
Our auditing and consulting activities comply with the highest national and international standards. We unite the pure tax oriented approach with modern methods of auditing. Our focus lies on the needs of the investors to receive reliable information and to provide security for risks.

...to risk oriented consulting
Among our clients are medium sized enterprises as well as larger concerns. Your individual contact person guarantees you a swift communication and decision making process. They coordinate the performance of our specialists and you receive consulting and supervisions from a sole source.

Personal service
The strength of a mediumsized auditing firm lies also in the personal service. Our goal is to combine this with broad knowledge on different fields and this way unite the competence of an international office with personal service.

Understanding the company's activity
The goal of the audit is to pass comment on the numeracy of the company and to give an evaluation of the accountant's report. It is necessary to understand the activity of the client to achieve this goal, not only to verify the balance sheet items. After all we are entrepreneurs ourselves!