A novice business intending expansion to the Ukrainian market for the first time needs a substantiated marketing strategy. Its target market, target customer groups and distribution channels as well as distribution planning must be defined clearly and underpinned by fundamental analysis.

For companies that already have established their market presence, strategic planning is the basis for structure improvements. A uniform and clear definition of objectives and goals and achievement of a balance of interests between the involved counterparts is of particular importance in view of the background of the current cultural and language differences.

Urgent actions needed to overcome the crisis include: thorough analysis of the current customer structure in terms of their profitability and eventual review and re-definition of the target customer groups; introduction of amendments to payment terms and conditions and delivery contracts; assessment of the existing needs in non-current assets.

Our offer:

> Production of development plans and a mission statement for the company;
> Project management;
> Optimization of the liaison process;
> Determination of objectives and goals and clear allocation and segregation of duties;
> Marketing concept;
> Production of a business plan.

 Objective: Uniform and clearly defined structure for the total company and project management during the implementation stage. Crisis-oriented new positioning at the Ukrainian market.