Klaus Kessler

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A new player often chooses to enter the Ukrainian market via establishment of either a brand-new (greenfield) Ukrainian company or subsidiary/representative office of a foreign company  – or via acquisition of the established (brownfield) business or an interest therein.

We are able to support you during the selection of an optimum scenario for your company. Any detail can be of importance here, starting with the selection of the optimum legal status, drafting of the by-laws and adequate organization structuring - and ending with limitations to the authority of the local management, if necessary, or detailing the decision-making procedures in the Articles of Incorporation. The imperative requirements of the Ukrainian corporate law must be complied with in any case.

We will support you throughout the implementation of the objectives set by your parent company for your local business, avoiding conflicts with the Ukrainian law. Furthermore, we will provide you value-added advice regarding the establishment of a holding structure or appointment of a Management Company, reorganization or expansion of your business to other Ukrainian regions. Quite often it is crucial to produce adequate internal regulations for the management and the supervisory board as well as properly draft the employment contracts for the management and to define the limits to their authority, including the management liability insurance.

In addition we offer long-term comprehensive legal support which implies ongoing advice to your business on any issues (‘Corporate Housekeeping’) to ensure the compliance of your operations with the Ukrainian law in all material respects and legal advice on the Ukrainian Corporate Governance issues. We shall be able to support you with our advice in a liquidation of a legal entity or winding up of a branch/representative office, or in connection with any bankruptcy (insolvency) issues.