Klaus Kessler

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The Ukrainian real estate market is among the most dynamic and possibly among the most complicated markets worldwide. Legal relationships are still insufficiently regulated regarding real estate issues and it is often rather complicated to implement one’s intentions in this legal field.

We offer advice to foreign investors at any stage of investments in a real estate development project – starting with the legal issues that arise during the development of the project design documentation and procurement of a site for the development or of a building for the renovation project. We offer comprehensive legal support during the construction and fund-raising stage - up to the commissioning and lease-out of the completed building.

In addition, we offer advice in connection with the establishment of manufacturing operations and implementation of investment projects with the participation of a local administration – starting with the acquisition of a title to land (please note that the title to land does not automatically entitle its holder to any building standing on that land) and up to the commissioning of the facility.

In collaboration with our German colleagues we offer advice in connection with the establishment of real estate pools. In particular a closed pool is not always appropriate for the implementation of a civil construction project. R&P professional have a track record of many years of providing legal support to projects of that type and you can expect adequate support from us.